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AbacusCloud is a carrier class platform for VoIP, UC, Call Centers, Voice Recording and SIP Trunking for medium to large enterprises. AbacusCloud enables scalability, reliability and geographic redundancy that grows with your business to the most demanding requirements. AbacusCloud partners with best of class service providers, data centers, Tier 1 carriers, session border controllers and the highest quality SIP end points. AbacusCloud supports a wide portfolio of desk phones, soft phones and mobile devices that deliver advanced voice, video and wireless features anytime, anywhere, any device. AbacusCloud makes VoIP migrations ultra simple while connecting multiple offices and mobile workers, seamlessly, globally, cost effectively and incrementally.


Polycom HD Voice provides twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations. More natural conversations significantly boost audio recognition and enhance productivity. HD Voice lets you hear every word without repeating and enjoy remote collaboration with natural voice quality. Simple and intuitive interfaces help users get down to work immediately. Polycom is the global leader in telepresence, video and voice end points that empower people to connect and collaborate everywhere. Polycom is the de facto standard in audio and video conferencing with the strongest brand globally and a deep level of integration and interoperability. Patented HD Voice, Acoustic Clarity and Acoustic Fence blocks noise and makes sure your conference calls go smoothly.

EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge

EdgeMarc Session Border Controllers deliver high quality VoIP calls by utilizing real time VoIP packet prioritization, traffic shaping, bandwidth engineering, voice aware stateful firewall inspection and 24x7x365 quality monitoring. Edgewater Networks, Inc. converged network appliances provide an all-in-one device to prioritize voice traffic and provide access termination, voice aware NAT/Firewall, VLAN support, VPN capability, dual WAN link failover, PSTN failover and local site survivability. Global monitoring, remote access, QoS statistics and MOS scores on a per call basis provide complete visibility into overall VoIP performance. Edgemarc provides the demarcation point for real-time, interactive VoIP.  

Pivotal people, powerful software, partnerships that matter – the future of telecommunications.

AbacusGroup brings it all together with simplicity, speed, super security, global scale and the insights gleaned from 40 years in telecommunications.

AbacusGroup provides a rich set of omni-channel services and a common user experience across devices making it ideal for today’s cloud first, mobile first employees, wherever they work.

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