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Software is the future of Networking and Telecommunications.


Your network only exists to deliver the applications and services your business needs to win. Legacy network vendors will sell you another box to get there – for firewalls, load balancing, deep packet inspection, and tunnels – but the hardware-centric model their business is built on means more complexity, cost, and compromise for you. The applications and services that support your business speak the language of sessions. 128Technology makes routers Session Smart™ to better support the businesses they serve, turning the network itself into a service-centric fabric that’s more simple, agile, and secure. Session Smart™ Routers understand source, destination, and directionality of bi-directional flows, along with the requirements of named applications, service topology, and business policies. They use that information to plot waypoints through the network in real time, make orchestration fast and easy, and enable a Zero Trust Security model that’s simply not possible in the hardware-centric world. The result? Better performance at a lower cost, for businesses large and small.  


POLY’s professional-grade portfolio of voice and video end points, cameras, headsets and portable speakers play a key role in businesses today, allowing employees to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Superior products range from TRIO conference phones, STUDIO X video bars, Eagle Eye cameras, and USB and Bluetooth headsets. The ideal communications equipment is something you barely notice – until it isn’t working optimally. AbacusGroup provides preconfigured solutions that simplify adoption and troubleshooting of the most widely accepted and supported communications gear in the world.    

Pivotal people, powerful software, partnerships that matter – the future of telecommunications.

AbacusGroup brings it all together with simplicity, speed, super security, global scale and the insights gleaned from 40 years in telecommunications.

AbacusGroup provides a rich set of omni-channel services and a common user experience across devices making it ideal for today’s cloud first, mobile first employees, wherever they work.

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